Ruggero Deodato

ruggero-deodatoRuggero Deodato (born 7 May 1939) is an Italian film director, screenwriter, and actor.
During his career, he ranged different genres like peplum, comedy, drama, poliziottesco and science fiction, but he is best known for directing violent and gory horror films.

He is famous for his 1980 film Cannibal Holocaust, considered one of the most controversial and brutal movies in the history of cinema, which was seized, banned or heavily censored in many countries. It is also cited as a precursor of found footage films such as The Blair Witch Project and The Last Broadcast. The film strengthened Deodato’s fame as an “extreme” director and earned him the nickname “Monsieur Cannibal” in France.
Deodato has been an influence on film directors like Oliver Stone, Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth.